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About Us

 Saim’s communication is a trendsetter in terms of providing customers with fashion, style, protection accessories and repair for  their mobile devices and Tablet’s in Vancouver lower mainland area.

       New generation of cell phone users are not only interested in smart handset but they are also interested in convenience of use and great looks of their phones. This is where Saim’s communication has found its niche market.

       We provide the current mobile device and Tablet users with the fashion covers that mach with today’s day to day life style, that also include, jewel cases, hard and soft cases, along with several small electronic devices. We approach our customers through Kiosks and carts in the lower mainland malls.

       Company’s trained staff is able to do all cell phones and tablets minor repairs on spot. Major repair are also accommodated by the company. We can repair almost all brands of phones in a very short period of time. Saim’s believe that having a right team for any job is the most important ingredient for success.

Our Mission

 The mission of Saim’s Communication is “To be a leader in the cell phone and tablets accessory segment by providing the best options to the customers in the marketplace.” We are also actively pursuing to augment our mission with being a leader in offering stylish products to our existing and new customers.

      In a cell phone market where any cell phone store will or will not provide service depending on the cell phone company one belongs to or the cell phone model or brand one owns. Is it beneficial to have a store that is willing to serve anyone with an excellent track record in service and an unmatchable line-up of accessories? Do we bring any value ? We will let you decide.

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